Alabama’s Supreme Court Ruling: How Can We Help?

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos have the same legal protections as children and that frozen embryos are protected under the Alabama Wrongful Death of a Minor Act.

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Cycle Clarity stands with the ASRM and RESOLVE that the decision from the Alabama Supreme Court ignores medical reality and deprives Alabama citizens of modern reproductive care. Family building is a fundamental right of all Americans and this decision leaves many unknowns for those who are currently pursuing or plan to pursue a family. 

Our hearts go out to all patients seeking or undergoing fertility treatment in Alabama. The Cycle Clarity AI platform is the only platform able to connect infertile patients to any fertility clinic in the United States. Cycle Clarity is committed to helping patients affected by the recent ruling by helping them obtain fertility treatment anywhere in the United States free of charge.

Cycle Clarity Connections will be available for FREE for February and March for patients residing in Alabama, enabling patients to be seen at the practice of their choice, anywhere in the U.S.

How will this Work?

– Any Alabama resident seeking care outside of the state can have a Cycle Clarity monitoring ultrasounds for free. These ultrasounds can be completed at any fertility center, OB GYN Clinic, and Imaging Center with 3D ultrasound technology. We will send follicular reports along with ovarian and uterine videos to any REI in the United States.

— If you are a patient, reach out to Cycle Clarity Connections at to get started.

– If you are a Fertility Clinic, OB GYN, or Imaging Center, please reach out to Cycle Clarity Connections at to get started.

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We make fertility care local

Is Cycle Clarity accurate?

Cycle Clarity is an FDA cleared AI software platform that is able to detect, count and measure each of the follicles in your ovary. In the FDA clinical trials the Cycle Clarity software was as accurate as a Reproductive Endocrinologist performing the ultrasounds. Most manual ultrasounds take 10 minutes. Cycle Clarity does the ultrasound in 10 seconds per ovary. The power of computing. 🙂

How long does the ultrasound take?

A Cycle Clarity ultrasound typically takes 10 seconds per ovary and is then directly transmitted through the internet to Cycle Clarity. Cycle Clarity will verify the receipt of the images and quality of the images before you leave the OBGYN office.

How does my doctor receive my results?

The doctors will receive your results instantly through the Cycle Clarity platform. The Cycle Clarity platform allows the clinical team to see your entire ovary to verify the measurements AI makes. It also allows the team to add and delete follicles if necessary and to predict the optimal time for insemination or egg retrieval.

How much does Cycle Clarity cost?

Cycle Clarity costs $236 for one month of service, unlimited ultrasounds. Your OB/GYN would charge you or your insurance for your ultrasound. There would be no additional fertility clinic charges for the use of Cycle Clarity.

How do I get my OB/GYN involved?

Reach out to your OB/GYN to see if they would be willing to help you with your ultrasounds. Following that Cycle Clarity will take over. On your sign up form, we will have you fill in the information of your OBGYN. Our integration specialists will reach out to your OBGYN to ensure the ultrasound machine successfully sends the information to Cycle Clarity, so that your fertility doctor can see this information.

Cycle Clarity Connections empowers IVF patients through an FDA cleared image analysis software. We provide you with the freedom to make informed choices when selecting your ideal fertility specialist based on location, treatment start time, and success rates

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